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Tax advisor
in Geneva

Do you need the help of a tax specialist to improve and optimize your tax situation in Switzerland? Call on TaxFlow and receive expert advice.

Conseil fiscal à Genève, Suisse

Multidisciplinary tax specialists at your service

Whatever your tax situation; resident with permit, cross-border commuter or Swiss, our experts are at your disposal to help you optimize your situation in order to maximize your tax deductions.

Personal tax consulting

Schedule a video consultation with a consultant to clarify your doubts and get the best advice for your situation in Switzerland.

Tax optimisation

Tax optimization is defined as the use of tax law mechanisms to reduce a taxpayer's tax liability while complying with federal legal obligations.

Tax optimization consultations

Our competent specialists offer you friendly consultations and put their interdisciplinary expertise at your service in order to reduce the amount of your taxes, in full compliance with Swiss standards.

Tax optimisation

Our tax services in Geneva

Tax return in Switzerland by Tax Services

Tax return

Need help with your tax return? TaxFlow makes it easy for you. File your documents from your space and have peace of mind.

Optimisation fiscale Genève

Tax optimisation

Do you want to optimize your situation? Whether you are a resident, a quasi-resident or a citizen, our Swiss tax experts will help you optimize your taxes and your tax situation.

Source tax rectification Geneva

Withholding tax adjustment

You are taxed at source and your tax situation has changed during the year? TaxFlow rectifies your tax at source so that you can recover the overpayment.