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Are you a student and need help with your tax return ? Our team of specialists will come to your rescue !

Tax return for students in Geneva

Are you a student in the canton of Geneva and need professional help to file your tax return? Save time and money by entrusting your return to Tax Services. Submit your documents in your space and our experts will take care of everything !

Optimize your tax situation

As part of our tax return service, Tax Services ensures that you get the most out of the service. We help you maximize your tax deductions to optimize your situation so that you save as much as possible at year-end.

Why Tax Services ?

Request for a delay

In order to avoid penalties or reminders, we ask for a delay from the tax authorities.

Online declaration

No need to move, our tax firm takes care of all your administrative worries, remotely.

Tax optimisation

We check and control all the deductions you are entitled to in order to optimise your situation.

FAQ Tax return - students

Every taxpayer is required to complete and file a complete return, all within the time limit.

If you work in a job while you are studying, or do odd jobs during the vacations, you will have to declare these earnings. The tax law states that anyone who earns money must file a tax return.

However, you do not need to declare your pocket money, school or support grants, military or civil service pay.

If you fail to submit your return on time, Tax Services will ask for a delay on your behalf. Please note, however, that the later the return is filed, the higher the fee to be paid (maximum CHF 60.-).

Yes, as long as your tax domicile is in Switzerland, you will have to declare your taxes here.

If you do not submit your return on time and do not give any news after receiving a reminder, the AFC will proceed to an automatic taxation.

Cette taxation d’office est une facture coorrespondant à une estimation de tes impôts, accompagnée d’une amende d’une centaine de francs, qui augmente chaque année.

Not submitting your tax return can penalize you: denial of a scholarship, housing assistance, etc.

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