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Tax return
for individuals.

You are an individual and you need help with your tax return ? Our team will take care of it and verify the deductions to which you are entitled.

Déclaration d'impôts pour personnes privées à Genève

Tax return for individuals in Geneva

Do you have a salaried activity in Switzerland, in the canton of Geneva and you need help with your tax return? Our tax specialists will help you and take care of all the administrative hassles; requesting a deadline, filing the return, etc. Moreover, they will control all the deductions to which you are entitled.

Entrust your tax return to our tax specialists

Tax Services aims to simplify your life, while providing you with expert advice. Our service focuses on the digitisation of documents and our tax expertise.

Why TaxFlow

Delay request

In order to avoid penalties or reminders, we ask for a delay from the tax authorities.

Online declaration

No need to go anywhere, our tax firm takes care of all your administrative worries, remotely.

Tax optimisation

We check and control all the deductions you are entitled to in order to optimise your situation.

FAQ - Filing your tax return

Every taxpayer is required to complete and file a complete return, all within the time limit.

If you have missed the deadline for filing your return, you can request an extension. However, you will be charged a reminder fee.

When filling out your tax return, our tax specialists will need a few documents to support your situation.

Here are the documents to send to your tax advisor (non-exhaustive list):

  • salary certificates (employee)
  • Proof of pension or annuity receipt
  • proof of interest and mortgage debt
  • proof of maintenance and work (owner)
  • proof of contributions to the 3rd pillar A/B
  • certificate of game winnings
  • copy of divorce or marriage decree (if arrived in the current fiscal year)

Once your tax return has been completed, the Cantonal Tax Administration checks that it has been received on time, signed, and that it includes all the supporting documents.

Then, the administration's electronic management system will verify its contents.

The confederation levies two types of taxes: direct and indirect.

The direct taxes levied by the Confederation for individuals are :

  • Personal income tax
  • The exemption tax from the obligation to serve


The indirect taxes levied by the Confederation for individuals are :

  • The value added tax (VAT)
  • Federal withholding tax
  • Tax on tobacco and beer
  • Automobile tax
  • Tax on alcoholic beverages


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Tax return

Our tax specialists will take care of your tax return in Geneva.

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