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You are a self-employed person in the canton of Geneva and you need help with your tax return? We check the deductions to which you are entitled and take care of the administration.

Déclaration d'impôts indépendants Genève

Self-employed tax return in Geneva

You are self-employed and have a liberal, commercial or craft activity and you need help with your tax return? Our tax specialists will help you and take care of all the administrative hassles; requesting a delay, filing the return, etc. Moreover, they will check all the deductions to which you are entitled.

Entrust your tax return to our experts in Geneva

The Cantonal Tax Administration will tax you on your income as a self-employed person. In addition, if your annual turnover exceeds CHF 100,000 per year, you will have to pay VAT.

Your tax rate will therefore be calculated according to your income. But it will also depend on your canton and municipality, but also on your wealth.

Our experts in Geneva tax returns will take care of your tax declaration and free you from all the administrative hassles !

Why TaxFlow

Delay request

In order to avoid penalties or reminders, we ask for a delay from the tax authorities.

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No need to go anywhere, our tax firm takes care of all your administrative worries, remotely.

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We check and control all the deductions you are entitled to in order to optimise your situation.

FAQ - Filing your tax return

As a self-employed person, your net profit IS your income. You will therefore be taxed on the basis of this income. More precisely, you are taxed on all your commercial and private income.

Several methods can be applied in order to optimize your taxation as a self-employed person. It should be noted that, after the CHF 100'000 mark, it is preferable, from a tax point of view, to change your legal form. Indeed, other structures such as the SA and the Sàrl offer many significant tax advantages.

Once your tax return has been completed, the Cantonal Tax Administration checks that it has been received on time, signed, and that it includes all the supporting documents.

Then, the administration's electronic management system will verify its contents.

You will be notified by Tax Services at each step of the process.

The confederation levies two types of taxes: direct and indirect.

The direct taxes levied by the Confederation for individuals are :

  • Personal income tax
  • The exemption tax from the obligation to serve


The indirect taxes levied by the Confederation for individuals are :

  • The value added tax (VAT)
  • Federal withholding tax
  • Tax on tobacco and beer
  • Automobile tax
  • Tax on alcoholic beverages


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Tax return

Our tax specialists will take care of your tax return in Geneva.

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We can help you recover the overpayment of your withholding tax.



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